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Friday, 3 May 2013

More about Enid Blyton...

A while ago, I wrote about Enid Blyton, from the point of view of the film, 'Enid' starring Helena Bonham-Carter.

Just a little bit more news on that subject.
The first Enid Blyton exhibition, since she died on 28th November 1968 aged 71, is about to open at the National Children's Literature Centre in Newcastle, England.

Odd that it's taken so long when you consider that she was the best selling author of the 20th Century!
As I write this it seems a little surprising that someone that has impacted my life so much died the year before I was born! 

As a child I adored her books. My favourites including,
The Folk of the Faraway Tree and the Wishing Chair.
The Naughty Amelia Jane's 
The Mr Pinkwhistle's
and many more!

According to The Guardian newspaper, 
"During a 50-year career, Blyton rattled off an astonishing 700-plus books, as well as 4,500 stories. "

Picture taken from the Guardian newspaper

She did her own accounts and kept a very interesting diary.

In 1931 she writes: "Did story for my Page [the welcome page she wrote for each edition of her magazine]. Went for long walk with Nurse. Rested till tea. Knitted till bed." The next day, Seven Stories adds as a postscript, Blyton gave birth to daughter Gillian.

"Worked all day," she wrote on 2 September 1939. "Germany invaded Poland today so I suppose we shall be at war tonight."

The timing of the exhibition does seem appropriate, considering there was a 13% rise in her sales between 2011 and 2013. 
My children, who are now 18 and 14 certainly read them when they were younger. In fact, I saved many of my childhood books for them to read and now they are waiting for the next generation of our family to arrive.  After all, who would want to live in a world that had forgotten Enid Blyton's stories? Not me!

During a 50 year career, she wrote around 700 books and 4500 stories!

Picture sold by Vintage Vic

I am always on the look out for an affordable vintage Enid Blyton book, both to sell on or to keep in my own book collection. However, I often come across copies that are faded or battered. They may have been scribbled, drawn or written on inside and this gave me the idea of adding some to my shop, as ready to frame pictures. So, if the cover is ok, I use it to turn into art. I have just started making the Blyton ready to frame pictures and have only 2 for sale at the moment, but I will be adding many more as time goes by, as I find them.

This picture, 'Happy Hours' is for sale now!

This picture 'Fireside' is for sale now!

If you see the exhibition, let me know if it was good!

Back soon,
Vicki x


  1. I remember your blog on Enid Blyton. As I probably said at the time, I was brought up on her stories too & my boys loved to have her books like The Famous Five or The Secret Seven read to them before bed. Unfortunately my childhood books were passed on the family or given to the second hand stalls at local fates. I was lucky enough to find an almost complete reprinted set in, of all places B-Wise (now Store 21) and at £1.99 each my boys could buy one or two every few weeks. This was around 1990-95. Again these books were passed on to the boys cousins for them to enjoy.....
    Do wish I'd kept some .
    Jo. xxx

    1. It's nice that you remember my blog piece. Thank you for that. I kept some of my books and passed them on to my children, but I wish I'd kept more. Her books are just so comforting. I love vintage children's books even now! xx