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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Want To Start Including Vintage in Your Home? Here's How...

Ready to frame picture for sale with Vintage Vic. Vintage vase is mine, all mine! Bought for one pound at a boot fair. It's from Harrods. Bargain!

There is no denying that vintage has become hugely in demand recently and it's not hard to see why!

It is so much more satisfying to have a home with unique touches that you won't find in everyone's houses. I avoid going to high street chain stores for anything I can, whenever I can!
There is just something about a well loved and kept item that gives a warm feeling, that I struggle to feel for many brand new items.

I adore these vintage soldier egg cups. Some I kept and some I have sold. I once saw one in a display in Cath Kidston's.
I'm always looking for more!

So, where to begin!

There are so many lovely ways to introduce vintage style into your home easily and relatively cheaply.
Vintage China, such as lovely cups, plates bowls etc.
Vintage table cloths.
Vintage vases.
Vintage pictures or new pictures, displayed in a fabulous vintage frame.
Vintage ornaments.
Vintage books, displayed on a shelf. Cook books in the kitchen, story books in your children's room. Any kind of books, anywhere you like!
The list is endless.

For sale in Vintage Vic's shop.

Right, that's what, now how do you find these fabulous items? Vintage shopping has never been easier.
Obviously there are boot fairs, flea markets, charity shops, thrift stores, garage sales, junk stores...
You will find these in your local area. Check the local papers, shop notice boards etc.
Then you can find a huge choice of wonderful old stuff on-line.

Check out Ebay. Just type the word vintage before the item you are looking for in the search engine.

There are other fantastic online sites too. Have you heard of Etsy?

Picture taken from

Etsy is like Ebay, but it only allows people to sell vintage or handmade items. It is a worldwide market place, so you can browse all kinds of lovely things from many countries. Just don't forget to factor in shipping costs.

There are lots of fun magazines on the market, to give you more to think about.

I love Pretty Nostalgic,
Vintage & Homemade Living
and Vintage Life.
They can be a bit costly, but some, particularly Pretty Nostalgic, are more like books really.

There are many websites, online shops and blogs all dedicated to vintage style living, including mine!

So don't be shy, dive in and have a rummage!

Back soon,
Vicki x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Local Aid Record 'Tears In Heaven' in Aid of Dementia UK

Previously, in this blog I mentioned that my son Mitchell, who is a singer/song writer has recorded with the wonderful Local Aid. This is a group of very talented musicians, who come together to record songs to raise money and awareness for various charities. They are organised by James Vince, who you see talking at the beginning of the video.

This time they are singing in aid of Denentia UK. The download is free, but they ask that you consider making a donation to the charity in appreciation.

My Mitch, with James Vince who organises these charity recordings.

On a personal note, you can see my son Mitch (18) toward the end of the video. Wearing a suit, white shirt, black tie and glasses, he sings, "'cos I know I don't belong, here in heaven."  I am a proud Mum!!

Please click on the picture above to watch and hear 'Tears In Heaven' by Local Aid.

Please click on DEMENTIA UK above to view their page or make a donation.
Thank you!

Back soon,
Vicki x

The Re-Launch of Vintage Vic's Blog!

I must confess, I gave up on my blog for a while there, so you have not heard from me for quite some time!
Blogging is great, when you feel you are moving in the right direction, but I was not!
I was putting in a huge amount of effort, and seemed to be getting nowhere. That said, I am still proud of the posts I have written so far and hope you will have a little browse when you have a free moment.
The problem I had was no feed back. People visiting my page, but not subscribing. 29,000 page views and only 14 subscribers! 
Hardly anybody commenting, though some of my posts, eg The Scar Project, should have been quite thought provoking.

There are many blogs that I admire and you can visit some of them by finding my 'blogroll' on the left hand side of this page.

My favourite is ...


Visiting those pages has inspired me to try again!

So here we go...The re-launch of Vintage Vic's blog.
I have started by re-designing my page, to make in bright,cheery and hopefully welcoming.

Please leave me a comment, saying what kind of things you enjoy reading in some of your favourite blogs, and I would love you to consider following this one, which you can do, by clicking on the link to the left of this page.

With any luck, this time my efforts will be more succesful!

Back soon,
Vicki x