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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Preparing For Christmas With Vintage Vic...Part 3

 Stayed up late last night, decorating the Christmas tree. I am quite pleased with it. Every year I struggle with one question...Tinsel or no tinsel? I remember as a child, being so excited about the sparkle of the tinsel on the tree. I have seen pictures of trees decorated with tinsel, that look wonderful.

Picture taken from
This is not our tree!

However, when I have tried it, my tree just looks a mess! So, no tinsel then!

I started with the lights. White ones. Loads of the bulbs have gone, so I shall have to sort that out soon, but they look ok.

Then I added the other decorations. I do not go in for smart trees, with a colour theme, I like as much variety as possible! We have built up quite a collection over the years, but I did not use everything we have this year!
Every year I say we have enough decorations and don't need to buy any more...Every year we do!! This year is no exception! I bought these lovely little vintage glittery Santas...

We also bought a few other bits to decorate our home...but more on that later!

Once the fairy was sitting proudly on top of the tree, lights twinkling, it was time to tackle the rest of the house. 
No room is missed. I remember as a child, feeling sad when I went into the bathroom, because it wasn't Christmas in there! So, I'm afraid every room gets the festive treatment!

Here are a few of my favourite bits from our decorations at home this year...

This is our dresser. Our downstairs area is open plan, so it can be seen from every angle! You can just catch a peek at our tree too. It is a real one, I am not keen on artificial trees, because I like the pine smell!

I filled my lovely cake stand with festive baubles. The treats tin is a vintage treasure I have had for a few years now. The honeycomb snowman, in the pink hat is new. Well, no actually it is vintage, from the 1960s I think, but I only bought it this year. I absolutely love it!!

The wonderful little candle holding angels I bought from America. This was also this year. The picture is an adorable Christmas card from the 1950s. I set it in a mount, painted the frame red and added glitter. Then put it all together and I am thrilled with the result!

I bought this shabby chic picture frame a few years ago, from someone in America, on Etsy, just before they became fashionable and started to appear everywhere!! The picture is a greetings card, not vintage this time, but the picture is vintage style and I love it!

These little snowmen were bought at a craft fair. The candle holder I found for sale for next to nothing. A real bargain, but it does not look cheap.

Another framed 1950s card!

We bought this little side table a few years ago, at a boot fair. I love it. For Christmas, it is covered with another vintage treasure. A 1970s hand embroidered cloth, that I bought from America, on Etsy a few years ago. The big bowl will be filled with fruit, the little tub will hold chocolates. We love Dopey in this family, so each year we bring out Santa Dopey and Elf Dopey. Both from the Disney store. My husband in particular gets excited about this!

I have mixed in some Christmas bits, with my vintage china display.

A few vintage baubles in the kitchen.

So, the house is ready for the big day, even if I am not!!

V Vx

Charity Cover of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas'

 I must share with you is some exciting news about my lovely son Mitchell!
He is an 18 year old singer, songwriter, dj and promoter. He is currently at University, studying Music Performance, having already completed a BTech in Music Technology. Anyway, a local music promoter has recently gathered together some of the local musicians, including Mitch, to record a cover version of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. There is also a video of them making the recording, to go with it. My Mitch is the tall boy with glasses wearing a white shirt and black waistcoat.

You can download this for free, but they are asking for donations to The Meningitis Trust.

Mitch could hardly believe it when he received a message saying that the local news wanted to do a feature on the song, on tv. The singers gathered, were filmed and this is the result. It was shown on the local news last Saturday!

Some of the singers record the cover song.

Well done to everyone involved!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Save The Children's National Christmas Jumper Day!

I found out through Susie Watson's wonderful pottery company, 

14th December 2012 is Christmas jumper day, in aid of Save The Children.

 The staff will be wearing all kind of Christmas knitware!

This inspired me to take a look at some interesting festive sweaters myself!!

I love this one to bits...
I found it on the website of Susan Crawford Vintage and you can buy and download the pattern for just £4

Here's one for the boys, although I'd wear it too!
It is available from the website of Poor Boy for £30...

I found this interesting picture on the website of Huffington Post Students. I'm pretty sure it is, in fact, not Boris Johnson, Johnny Depp and David Beckham modelling these interesting Christmas outfits, but you can find the picture, along with details on how to choose the perfect festive jumper on their website!

Another nice one, this time from Harper and Lewis Vintage.

I found this great Santa design on Etsy, in the shop, Music City Vintage, as you can see!

I shall round off with this,oh so cute, Rudolph! This one is from the aptly named

So, I hope I have inspired you to join in festive jumper day! If you are reading this and December 14th 2012 has gone, you could just consider making a small donation to Save The Children anyway and wear your funky sweater with pride, on any day of the year!!

This is the blog post from Save The Children, with their suggestion for making a cheap, last minute, Christmas outfit...

Friday, 7 December 2012

Prepare For Christmas With Vintage Vic...Part 2

Ok, so when I left you last we had a fair list of tasks to complete. We were writing lists like crazy. Well, I've definitely been doing that!

You should have your advent calendar on the go now. I found a gorgeous one at a vintage fair and the rest of my family are munching on chocolates, from the wooden one we bring out each year.

I have all my Christmas cards written, addressed and stamps are attached. If you are not there yet, don't forget to look at my Vintage Vic vintage and handmade cards, both in my Etsy shop and on Ebay...



I am also well on the way to having my Christmas gifts bought and I have wrapping paper and ribbons standing by!  If you are a bit stuck, try on-line sites...




So, there are about two and a half weeks left before the big day! DON'T PANIC!!

Picture taken from uk

Probably best to get those cards in the post soon and don't forget to check last posting dates on International post.

Picture taken from

Try to get your wrapping paper ready now and Christmas Crackers, depending on where in the world you are.

Picture taken from

Dig out the Christmas tableware, cloth, napkins, crockery, cutlery etc  Check for damage and wash ready for use. This year we are using our lovely Paragon Victoriana Rose Crockery, that I have been collecting for 2 or 3 years now, piece by piece.

Picture taken from

Do you have your candles?

Picture taken from

Now is a good time to go through your decorations, if they are not already up. Check bulbs on lights. Do you have enough ornament hooks? I never do!

Picture taken from

Plan your menus, particularly for big days with guests to cater for. You can get the non perishables now and maybe place orders for things such as turkey etc for collection or delivery later.

Picture taken from

That's probably enough to be thinking about for now!

Picture taken from

Talk soon!

VV x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Discount Coupon Code On Christmas Shopping With Vintage Vic






Set of 6 Winkie vintage fairy story books available now!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Prepare For Christmas, With Vintage Vic...

(Angel candle holders available at

Have you started your Christmas preparations yet? I have, but only just. There is always such a lot to do in the run up to the big day. This year, let's do it together and hopefully we will avoid last minute panic!

As I write this, it is the 19th November. So, what should we be doing by now? Well, writing lists, if you're anything like me. I write lists for everything, often losing them and having to write them again! A few years ago, I started filling in a Christmas preparations note book for the next year, just after the end of each Christmas. This means that everything is still fresh in your mind.

 I include pages on decorations. Where they have been stored, where the Christmas tree stand is.

(Handmade Christmas card available at

I write a list of 'special' cards to prepare for people such as my husband, children, parents, brother and his family etc. Next I write a list of all the people that we, as a family received cards from that year, so that we don't forget anyone next time around. Then I write a list of all the people I wish to buy gifts for and leave a gap for notes. During the next 11 months, any ideas I have for great presents, I jot down for later use.

(Handmade card available at

Then I write a to do list. This is mine for this year,

1.   Book pantomime tickets
2.   Find out last posting dates
3.   Buy stamps
4.   Stock up logs/ coal for fire
5.   Get tree, candles, crackers, holly wreaths, tv guide, wrapping paper, sticky tape, ribbons, gift tags etc
6.   Wash and press Christmas table cloth, napkins etc
7.    Get Christmas crockery out of storage, wash and pack away other crockery.
8.    Clear storage space in cupboards, fridge and freezer for food
9.     Make time plan for cooking Christmas lunch
10.   Do baking and make any handmade gifts
11.   Make table centrepiece
12.   Check when rubbish and re-cycling collections are
13.   Prepare everyone's outfits for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day.
14.   Prepare thank you stationary

I'm sure I shall have to add to it as I go along, but it gives a general plan to work to.

(Vintage story cards available from

Next I write out my menus and from those my shopping lists for food and drink, throughout the festive season. 

The rest of my notebook I leave blank, so that I may make notes as I work through the tasks.

So, now that we are over half way through November, what should we be doing?

Well, obviously, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving then this takes priority right now. I am in England, where sadly, we do not follow this lovely tradition. So, here is my advice for things to get done now.

1.   Buy or make advent calendar.
2.   Check address book is up to date.
3.   Decide when to make or buy Christmas pudding and Christmas cake.
4.   Start buying or making Christmas cards. 
5.   Begin looking for gifts for people.

Advent Calendar

I am a huge fan of the on-line shopping community of Etsy and not just because my shop is on there!!
Take a look at some of these as an alternative to high street shops...

Make your own, by using a downloaded ten-plate purchased on-line from Scotland based Etsy shop Happythought,

Keep a countdown with this cute ceramic tile and marker, from Etsy. Maryland USA based ShadyLaneCeramics

I love this advent calender from London's '2d Scrumptious', who are based on Not On The High Street online shopping community...

There are of course lots of very nice chocolate filled versions in all of the High Street shops if that is what you prefer, including this one from Thornton's

Suggestions for Christmas cake decoration

(Taken from Your Home Magazine 2010)

Christmas Cards

Obviously, your first stop should be my shop, Vintage Vic's! There you will find a large number of unique cards, handmade from the artwork of vintage cards and illustrations. (Not reproductions.) Also, unused vintage Christmas cards, vintage wrapping paper, decorations and gifts.

Take a look on Etsy for lots of 'make your own' Christmas card sets, such as this one from allsfairyvintage 

Or try Not On The High Street On-Line shopping

Once you have ticked that little list off, you will have made a good start. Put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea!

(Print available from marymillerveazie on Etsy  Click on link below)

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