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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Huge De-Clutter Sale at Vintage Vic's! Vintage Greetings Cards at Low Prices!

Great news for those who love vintage ephemera!

Here at Vintage Vic's, I have decided to have a huge de-clutter of vintage greetings cards.

Cards of all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of occasions are being included. 

These little lovelies have so many uses!
You can collect them,
scrapbook with them,
craft with them,
place them in frames and gaze at them every day!!
Well, you can do as you wish with them, once they are yours!!

They are being placed on Ebay, at really low start prices and I shall be adding to them almost everyday.
What's there now is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you know people who, like me love all things vintage, then please let them know, so they can get a lovely bargain!



Just click on the link below, to have a browse...
(Don't forget, more being added most days, so pop back soon.)

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