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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ready To Frame Vintage Illustrations

Here at Vintage Vic's, we love to find a tatty, worn out old book, that's falling apart and rescue the illustrations. Vintage books, particularly children's books, had such wonderful artwork in them. The paper and inks used were different and gave a lovely feel to them.

Placed in a great frame, they spring to life and add character to a room!

Here are some examples that we have on sale in our shop at the time of writing this piece...

Taken from a rare, but sadly damaged Gregor Ian Smith, nursery rhyme book. Would be fantastic in a little boy's bedroom or playroom!

This slightly more grown up train would look good on any rail enthusiast's wall.

As one of my favourite illustrators, I will turn pretty much anything I can rescue, by Gyo Fujikawa, into art.

Dean books often have very lovely illustrations in them, such as, this one by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone.

Sometimes it works to leave some text in the picture, such as this child's prayer...

Or a line about Mr Plod in this vintage Noddy illustration.

This vintage illustration, I bought from Australia. I have no idea what the book it is taken from is!

Not so with this old favourite!

Or this famous scene.

This wonderful picture of 'Hilda' by Duane Bryers, is not from a book, but a vintage calendar.

It also works well with vintage postcards 

and greetings cards.

Take a look at my shop, Vintage Vic's for lots more examples!


  1. Hi fom Jo - on facebook as Very Vintage - Really Retro & following you on here now too.....
    Love is.... Wow, that brings back memories..!! Gorgeous pics, all of them though. Loving the blog...
    Jo. x

  2. Hi Jo,
    So happy that you like my blog! Thanks for your kind comments about my pictures! Pop back often! Just did a little shout out for your page, on mine.
    Vicki x