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Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Productive Day With Vintage Vic!

Today has been a good day! A productive day at Vintage Vics...

First of all my lovely new business cards arrived. I'm so happy with them!

Then I walked to the post office to send off a bunch of items to my wonderful customers.

If you would like Mr Postman to deliver you a package from Vintage Vic, just take a look at

Spent the rest of the day, adding some of my great new stock into my newest shop, Vic's Vintage Ephemera.

For example...

Right now, my daughter Phoebe is baking cupcakes

Picture taken from

for a school bake sale tomorrow, which of course I shall have to taste check!

My son arrived home with a new t-shirt of a gig he played, (He is a singer song writer) which has amongst others, his name printed on it...So proud!

Now that hubby is home, from a hard day's engineering, (Well, he's management, so he probably spent the day at his desk! lol) it is time for me to make dinner.

Then I plan to spend the rest of the evening, doing


Picture taken from


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