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Friday, 29 June 2012

Enid Blyton's Noddy

I have always loved Noddy and now that I am older, this has not changed. I loved him when I was a child. I read his books, watched him on tv and, I believe I once entered a fancy dress competition, dressed as him.

Recently, I found a lovely old book from the 1950s full of wonderful Noddy illustrations of the little chap himself. Unfortunately, it had seen better days. Not to worry! I have rescued the wonderful illustrations and am turning them into ready to frame pictures.

Noddy and Big Ears make sand castles.

Mr Plod the policeman sings and dances at Noddy's party!

Mr Waggy dog comes to tea.

The above are the illustrations I have rescued so far, and placed for sale in my shop. More to come.

I guess as I am a fan of most things vintage, it will come as no surprise that I prefer the old Noddy to the bright modern version used now.

My beloved vintage Noddy above.

The more modern version above.

Which do you prefer?

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