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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Getting to Know You!

The chosen theme for this blog is Vintage and Handmade everything! However, so far I haven't said a lot about me, or Vintage Vic's. Every so often, I shall now add some little bits and pieces, that are more personal chatter. I am good at chatter!

Vintage Vic's has just had it's FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Things are going well!

The first item I ever sold online, was this gorgeous engagement card, last May...

Since then, I have made many sales. 

I work in an office from home. It used to be our fourth bedroom. It is small, but it has everything I need for now! 
Here are a few little insights into the 'nerve centre' of Vintage Vic's!

My Dad is a carpenter, so he and my husband, Mark, built me this fantastic wall of shelves, they stretch right across the back wall. I try my best to keep them tidy, but I don't always succeed! 

I don't sell every vintage treasure I find. Some I keep right here.

My little Kewpie doll, sits on a rag coaster that my daughter, Phoebe made me at Primary school. The gorgeous Christmas card, in the frame, was given to me, as a child by my parents. I love it so much, I keep it on display, all year. The little deer, I bought to sell on, but just couldn't give them up!

The tins I also intended to sell. I'm not sure about the others, but I shall never part with my Wilkins Red Boy...


I keep my paint brushes, in this ice cream tub. Wedding cake flavour ice cream, that we served our guests at our Royal wedding party for William and Kate.

This vintage wedding cake topper was also used at our Royal Wedding Party. I made red, white and blue cupcakes, and topped the display, with this lovely old bride and groom!

I use this wonderful, battered old case, to transport cards etc if I do a vintage fair.

My Dad gave this great car to my husband, during his wedding speech!

Another vintage tin, I decided not to sell!

Over my desk. The framed picture is a Vintage Vic, ready to frame vintage illustration, that I decided to use myself. The vintage frame is from a local junk shop.

A cluttered corner, of my desk!

My pin board could do with a little 'weeding'.

I still manage to loose track of time!

A pile of vintage books, waiting to be sorted and placed in 
Vintage Vic's.

So, that's Vintage Vic's for know. I wonder what the next year will bring!

Vicki x

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