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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Help me!!!

Ok, you may have spotted that it has been a while since my last, (and also first) blog post! There is a good reason for that...I lost my nerve! Blogging is so advanced now. Every one seems to know how...except me!
When I first decided to start my own business, I knew almost nothing about computers. I had to learn how to set up email accounts. Then I opened my Etsy shop, and I was quite proud of myself! Next came Facebook. My lovely son helped me with this and now I am fluent in facebook! I set up my own website next, which was great at first, but in the end, the one I chose was too basic. So, I have recently tried moving it to a new host. This was so full of promise! I was going to be able to sell from it and all sorts. Only trouble is, I seem to have lost it! Seriously, it's vanished! My website is still with the old host. I have received emails from the new company, only trouble is they appear to be in latin, or some strange alien language! So I'm a bit stuck at the moment with that!

I also decided to start a blog. As you can see. However, I want it to be like my favourite blog is. Colourful and full of pictures and witty chat. Hmm, that may take a while too! I shall not give up though. So, if you happen to have stumbled across this post, please I beg of you, don't abandon me. Leave me a little message, some advice on blogging if you are fluent in blog. I need all the help I can get!

Talk soon,

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